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No, Leona isn't Chinese. So why does she have a Chinese name? Her late husband Ted to whom she was married for 46 years was Chinese. Read his autobiography My Dreams and Visions and Leona's titled Czeching My Roots. Leona's parents were of Czech descent and she was born and spent her formative years in America's heartland, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ted and Leona met as classmates at Wheaton College, IL.

They were co-founders of Ambassadors For Christ, Inc., a campus ministry among Chinese university students and faculty in North America. Her quarter century of service with AFC was administrative and editorial. She made fourteen trips to the People's Republic of China, some in the company of Ted, other times as guide/escort for groups of Americans traveling to China. Together they made a number of journeys to encourage and assist the underground churches and also to find positions for English teachers in China's schools. These travels enriched her research and experiences to write the book Touching China

Leona was widowed more than two decades ago and since then has devoted full time to her writing and publishing ministry. She serves as editorial director of the ministry Golden Morning Publishing which she and her son Rick founded. She was president of the Board of radio station WTRM-FM (Southern Light Gospel Music Network) for 30 years, established with Rick, who was the builder and chief engineer. She produced her own daily radio program for five years on the station. Her book Living it UP! contains in print some of the best of her programs. CD's of her compiled broadcasts are also available.

She is writer, editor, and collaborator of over 45 books and many foreign language editions of her books, most of which are reviewed on this web site. An increasing number of her books are available as ebooks. Leona lives and works in Winchester, Virginia, a part of the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. She has four adult sons, ten grandchildren, and so far thirteen great-grandchildren who keep her busy when she is not at her computer.



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